Multiple Locations

Communicate Seamlessly

Companies with more than one office and/or mobile workers will realize even greater benefits from Go VirtualVoice services. Eliminate the need for expensive and complex networks, hardware, and software, and make it simple to connect all your offices and employees.

Multiple Offices

Now that broadband connectivity is so pervasive, cost effective and reliable, companies such as yours can easily and seamlessly connect all offices and employees through Go VirtualVoice services. Each office simply gets a business class broadband connection (either through Go VirtualVoice or another provider of choice), how ever many handsets that are needed, and a Go VirtualVoice Voice Management Device, and everyone is connected. Best of all, manage all offices and users through a standard web browser (or mobile device such as a Treo or Blackberry). Gone are the days of complex MPLS’ and costly networking equipment.

Go VirtualVoice strongly recommends one VMD per physical location.

Mobile Workers

With Go VirtualVoice, each mobile employee simply needs a broadband connection (DSL, Cable, or FIOS), and they become an extension off your corporate phone system (PBX). Just plug in your Go VirtualVoicephone via Ethernet to their home network, and start making calls.

Mobile workers need to make certain that they have a reliable broadband connection. A Go VirtualVoice VMD may be recommended for power users