E911 Information

E911 Information

Go VirtualVoice¬†is focused on providing safe and reliable means of communication in times of emergency. Your safety is important to us, and it is important for us to note that Go VirtualVoice’s 911 dialing feature must be activated. To activate 911 dialing, you’ll have to provide us with certain information prior to the activation of your services. Some of the information required is your street address, city, state, and zipcode. If you are an existing customer, you will be able to activate or update 911 dialing from your web account.

Once your address has been verified, you will be able to dial 911 from your Go VirtualVoice phone. Verification may take up to 48 hours or longer, and you will be notified by e-mail when it is complete.

Go VirtualVoice 911 is different

There are some differences between Go VirtualVoice 911 dialing and traditional 911 service. Dialing 911 on Go VirtualVoice is also different from Enhanced 911 (E-911) service provided by landline operators in that the operator at the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) will not have your address or call-back information. When you call 911 from a Go VirtualVoice phone, you will need to give the emergency services operator your address so they can send help. Go VirtualVoice will offer E-911 in all our servicing areas soon. Broadband and power outages can also prevent 911 Dialing.

Traveling with 911

Unlike traditional phone lines, you can easily move your Go VirtualVoice phone to any broadband connection and make calls. For 911, we use the address you provide to determine the nearest emergency response center and then we send your call to that center.

When you move or travel with your physical Go VirtualVoice device (phone or adapter), you must update your new location in advance. We will notify you via email confirming that your service is activated for 911 Dialing. Please note that updates are not immediate and it can take hours or even a few days for your address information to be verified and for your new settings to take effect.

Go VirtualVoice Softphone and 911

911 dialing is not available from any Go VirtualVoice softphone. 911 dialing is only available from a Go VirtualVoice physical device (phone or adapter) that has been properly registered with a physical address per the Terms of Service.

Service Outages Can Prevent 911 Dialing

911 Dialing and Go VirtualVoice service do not function during an electrical power or broadband provider outage. Please see our Terms of Service for more information about our 911 Dialing feature.