Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise Solutions500+ Users

For businesses with 500 or more employees, and one or multiple locations, Go VirtualVoice Enterprise solutions are just what you need to begin the VoIP transformation process. Whether you are planning a full scale implementation, or you want to simply turn up offices or users in a phased approach, Go VirtualVoice can help. We offer both hosted and installed (software) solutions, as well as fully managed or a-la-cart solutions to meet your exact requirements.

Sample services:

  • Hosted PBX Server Cluster
  • Enterprise VoIP Solutions
  • Enterprise Pooled SIP Trunking
  • Installed Softswitch Solutions

Enterprise Hosted PBX & VoIP Server Clusters

For larger customers with unique or custom requirements, Go VirtualVoice offers a carrier class, scalable, and inherantly redundant enterprise server cluster solution that costs way less than alternative hosted solutions. Our services can be mixed and matched to meet your requirements. For instance, you can deploy SIP Trunking into existing PBX equipment for some offices, while offering others full Hosted PBX and VoIP services. We can even help with multi-division and franchise implimentations where each division or franchise operates its own profit center. The possibilities are endless, and really cost effective.

VoiceAxisSoftware (VoiceAxis)

If your enterprise has 500 or more users, and many locations, you are probably a perfect cadidate for buying our Softswitch platform called VoiceAxis. It enables your enterprise to leverage all the features, functions, and benefits of business class VoIP, and the tremendous cost savings of a carrier class implementation of the widely popular Asterisk PBX software. Best of all, this is not another expensive, proprietary solution, but rather a standards based solution which dramatically reduces your costs and provides your IT staff with maximum control. We also offer managed services if your staff would like our help.